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We accept banner ads which would fit our site perfectly, and result in a high “Click Through Rate” of over 50% per visitor.
The best banners that we recommend you to use are 160×600 and 500×60, that usualy produce most of the sales on our website.
The rates are as follows:(Banner examples are displayed at the bottom)
160×600 Wide Skyscraper Banner – 30.00$ /month
120×600 Skyscraper – 25.00$ /month
468×60 Standard Banner – 20.00$ /month
120×240 Vertical Banner – 15.00$ /month
234×60 Half Banner – 10.00$ /month
125×125 Square Banner – 8.00$ /month
120×90 Button Banner – 5.00$ /month
88×31 Micro Button – 3.00$ / month

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We have several goals and standards when it comes to advertising:

Safety: We follow the highest industry standards and only work with trusted advertising networks to reduce the risk of advertising viruses, adware and malware.

Trust: We avoid advertisers whose products or services are predatory.

Values: Advertising content should reflect our values which include: integrity, civility, morality and respect for all people.

Users & Advertiser Experience: We do not allow advertisements that are designed to intrude, encroach or invade the users experience without user action or permission.